Laser Straightening Work Area For Chassis
Laser Straightening Work Area For ChassisThis equipment makes it possible to work on reparations and straightening of chassis without having to disassemble many parts of the vehicle (ie. Engine, axle, cab, tank) therefore saving quite a lot of time for the vehicle to be kept in the garage and reducing the cost of the reparation. One very important feature for the quality of the job is the cold nailing system used for straightening thus avoiding any kind of alteration or modification to the vehicle (as specifically requested by many trucks manufactures).
      Laser Straightening Work Area For Chassis

"Induction" System
Induction SystemWith this induction heating system you have:

- Hazard reduction (there are no flames).
- A healthier and cleaner working environment.
- A reduction in reparation costs.

The system has an internal regulation of temperature so that it is possible to heat different thicknesses and types of materials.

Electronic "Truckaligner" Alignement System
Electronic Truckaligner Alignement SystemThis is an electronic automatic measuring system that makes it possible to control to up to 0.5mm/m precision the alignment of the axles and the specific angles of commercial and industrial vehicles. The rotating lasers show automatically the measurements sending out the data directly to the central unit and in this way it is possible to print out and keep a technical record. This system makes it possible for the operator to use the programme “before the reparation, during the reparation and after the reparation” of the vehicle with a very high level and standard of precision.

Behaviour of a non-aligned vehicle Behaviour of a
non-aligned vehicle
Straightening phase of a front axle Straightening phase
of a front axle

JOSAM inspection pit
JOSAM inspection pitJOSAM pit is used to align and to measure axles and wheels. This is the ideal position for working with motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers and buses.
The joists and beams of the pit together with the sliding cart form an anchorage line for the grip of the thrust.
The sliding cart of the pit is also used as a support for the JOSAM JACK lifter and also as fixing with specific anchors for pulleys.

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